I am Nathan Bayfield, a freelance Illustrator & Designer from Cambridge in the UK currently based in Hastings. I like to draw cool shit for people. Get in touch!
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And the question is..

which do you like better?

  1. mooncows answered: the blue one
  2. titpetric answered: I’d go with the bottom one (beige/brown/greenish). Blue is too artificial to convey the “coffee” part of the message
  3. vnna answered: The second one! Also, you are super talented and I love all of your T-shirt designs.
  4. melonsnow answered: the bottom one
  5. ins3ctica answered: i’d go with the blue~
  6. 960917 answered: the second one
  7. sampledtelevision-archive answered: The second one is more coffee-ish. It feels awake and happy.
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    this is my art/design/illo blog ^ if you go follow it i’ll love you. (oh and answer the question)
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