I am Nathan Bayfield, a freelance Illustrator & Designer from Cambridge in the UK currently based in Hastings. I like to draw cool shit for people. Get in touch!
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3 of the 20 cards I designed for a unique set of tarot for my final FdA project.

Five of Flowers/Five of Dying Flowers


Two of Arrows/Two of Broken Arrows

Bit of an odd one but I did the faces for these 2 ammo counters about a year ago.
Popped down to VF aircraft maintenance today and saw them in the flesh.



Black Sand

Coming soon

Thanks to Nathan Bayfield for the illustration 

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at the Brothers of the Stripe print workshop this weekend at Pick Me Up! Was great meeting a load of you!

Artwork for No Hope Nation

Side project from the guys from Picture Perfect

Detail from a tattoo commission I worked on this week.

Logos I did this week!

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Artwork for a new musical project:


4 - The Emperor

3/11 tarot illustrations. Might start grouping them in threes now as to stop spamming the blog with these.

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